The Key Approach to GDPR for SMEs

GDPR - It’s not just about data compliance for SMEs...

A sound approach to data protection across SME businesses requires practical knowledge and experience to determine:

  • what’s possible,
  • what the priorities are and
  • what the risks are.

Many SMEs don’t have this expertise available to them in-house, but can access it through advice and purpose-built tools that will:

  • search unstructured data,
  • analyse data,
  • organise data,

in a way that enables them to achieve regulatory compliance, whilst also tackling data protection holistically with the aim of limiting any breaches.

The GDPR will require most organisations to make substantial enhancements to their data management activities - how data is collected, stored, used and disclosed. The changes are complex and it will take time to work through, so  an organised and methodical approach will ensure you are working towards GDPR compliance.

For further help, we cover off some key questions and considerations around the types of data used by SMEs towards the end of our focused Whitepaper: GDPR for small businesses.  This paper also provides helpful information and practical steps for data compliance.

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