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What Is a DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment)?

The GDPR way to assess data protection The Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is a new requirement of the GDPR. It is a procedure designed to determine the risks involved in data processing,


The Six Core Principles of Data Privacy

INTRODUCTION: You may have arrived here because you're looking to understand more about how to acheive Data Privacy. To help you in your approach to complying with the latest privacy laws and


Privacy, PII and GDPR: The Quest for the Unknown

Broadly, regulations require companies to protect the privacy of their employees and other people whose data they collect.  Generally we take it for granted that when we give our supermarket our


APIs: Why They Matter

We’ve all more than likely been in a meeting and heard the phrase “it comes with an API” and we all accept that this is a good thing, for some reason. Probably because the IT team just perked up. But