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Osprey provides tools in the cloud for data management & compliance

Advances in technology have brought about the need for the GDPR, on the plus side, it's technology that will help businesses prepare and manage the risks associated with data management. There are many solutions available, most of which require training, resourcing, expertise etc. all at a cost to the business.

One possible solution, purpose-built for data management, protection and compliance is Osprey Cloud from Gravicus. A simply smart solution for business wide data management and protection that includes DPIA and Privacy tools, with many more tools planned.

The beauty of Osprey is its simplicity. It doesn’t require a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or specialist, and can be operated by anyone. Plus, no training is required.

Osprey Cloud
Developed by experts over several years and based upon customer need. Osprey Cloud is a governance system that uses tools to analyse, organise and act upon information within unstructured data. It uses a multitude of AI capabilities to make sense of data, reduce risks, reduce costs and achieve regulatory compliance.

Osprey Cloud takes the IT complexity out of data management to provide rapid insights. It is completely flexible and meets  the varying requirements of different organisations. If you need to find personally identifiable information (PII), enrich your content, explore dark data or cleanse data, Osprey will provide the data insights.

A growing data management platform
With a range of simply smart tools that are scalable, Osprey can tackle a variety of business problems, from e-discovery and archiving to M&A Due Diligence.

Scale and upgrade
Whatever your data needs, Osprey Cloud and its tools provide a fully flexible solution that allows you to scale and upgrade as your data needs require.

If you are starting out on your journey to GDPR compliance or you’ve already started but need to validate your approach, Osprey DPIA is the perfect tool for identifying risks and providing recommendations that will help work towards compliance, plus you can trial this for FREE.

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Simply smart data management with Osprey