GDPR For SMEs – Why Bother?

GDPR aims to bring consistency to European-wide data protection laws and safe-guard consumer data in this age of constant connectivity and social media.

New legislation is focused on giving consumers more control over their data and increasing the accountability of organisations. GDPR will alter the way SMEs manage and structure their data. Non-compliance is not an option!

No matter how small your business is you must comply with regulations for secure data collection, data storage and the use of personal information. Don’t think for one minute that you can continue to use spreadsheets and the like, as they’re too difficult to manage when it comes to finding and linking data, plus they will place you at risk of a breach under GDPR.

To help SMEs we have put together a Whitepaper: GDPR for small businesses, this provides a full overview together with some helpful guidance and practical steps for you to work towards compliance. To access the Whitepaper Sign Up to Gravicus Osprey where you will also get 5 Free Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) with Osprey DPIA.

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