GDPR Benefits & Opportunities

The benefits & opportunities of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Personal data breach reporting has a strong public policy purpose

The public must have trust and confidence in how organisations collect and use data. A transparent approach is key.

The GDPR will push companies and public bodies to increase their ability to detect a data breach.  The new law will encourage organisations to manage the data they hold in a responsible way.  The ICO is educating and equipping UK businesses to deal with data management and the vulnerabilities that arise from this.

Demonstrating good corporate governance

Demonstrating good corporate governance through data management will put an organisation in a position of strength, which lends itself to:

  • managing reputation,
  • managing stakeholder relationships,
  • the winning of new business,
  • mutually beneficial supplier relationships
  • managing and maintaining customers

Data management accountability will bolster trust if data protection activities are robust and transparent.

Responsible data management

Organisations that are responsible in how they manage data will gain from the GDPR.  The public will deal with those that are fully transparent, and provide adequate reassurances and measures that build their trust.

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